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Gabriele Viertel focuses on the element of water and explores its surface from both the outside and the inside. The act of seeing and the perception of the transient landscape of water with reflection and mirroring, movement and depth is expressed in  minimalistic, abstract photographic work. There are different approaches in the artist's depiction of the originally extraterrestrial element. Early works are anonymously figurative and use the weightlessness in the slow and quiet underwater world, consciously leaving the path of traditional photography, a balancing act between painting and photography, leading to a  surreal atmosphere.

Over the last  years Gabriele Viertel was honoured many times for her photographic work.

She is the recipient of many awards including the silver medal of  Prix de la Photographie Paris, the gold medal of the Color Award and the platinum medal of the Graphis NY Award.

Gabriele Viertel has been invited to international exhibitions such as the  'Nation, Best of Contemporary Photography' of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Indiana USA in 2015,   3rd Biennial of Documentary and Fine Art Photography Heritage Municipal Museum Malaga Spain in 2014, Berlin Foto Biennal Germany in 2016,   NordArt Schleswig-Holstein Germany in 2016  and the two-artist exhibition in 2017  ' Visions de Corps' of the Centre Charles Peguy , Musee D'Orleans France.

Works are held in collections of public institutes including the Musée des Beaux-arts Orleans, FR, the University of Art Codarts Rotterdam,NL, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art Indiana, USA,  the Dr. Belbe Collection Stade as well as in private collections in Netherland, Germany, Belgium, France, Thailand, United Kingdom and the United States.

Gabriele Viertel published an art book with poems of Elly de Waard with title  ´als parelmoer`  in 2018.

Originally from Germany Gabriele studied mechanical engineering and design in Cologne. During this time she worked as a model to fund the studie. After graduation as a technician she decided to pursue the career in front of the camera and on the catwalk. It was followed about a decade working in the international fashion industry for designers such as Dior, Wolfgang Joop and Karl Lagerfeld.

Thoughtout her development she has taken courses at Fotoacademy Eindhoven, NL and studied stage design at actors studio Pulheim, Germany. Viertel presented her photographic work to the public for the first time in 2013.  This did not go unnoticed and was followed by numerous publications worldwide, among others  repeatedly featured in the art blog  of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Gabriele Viertel lives and works in the Netherlands and Portugal.

"The idiosyncratic element that does not follow the normal rules of chemistry and behaves like no other substance on earth, that defies gravity; the breeding ground for life, a destroyer, a romantic, a mirror of the soul, unfathomable and enigmatic. Frightening  and  fascinating,   an alien,   elixir of life.

Most essential requirement for the survival of not only mankind, but all terrestrial life on Earth....influenced by nature and man-made factors".           Gabriele Viertel

als parelmoer book Gabriele Viertel

Gabriele Viertel & Elly de Waard

Design: Mart. Warmerdam
Format: 28 x 21.6 cm
15 fc images, 32 p., Sewn (singer stitch)
Edition: 99 numbered and signed ex.


january 2018
Publisher : 99 Uitgevers


the artbook is a result of the project 'interaction' where photographs of Gabriele Viertel meet poems of Elly de Waard.

A limited edition of 99, each numbered and signed exemplar is accompanied by a print of 'hunting' by Gabriele Viertel.


' The 21st century is a century of globalization, mixing of cultures and the expansion of monocultures. For the arts, this means that the disciplines involve many more connections: theater with cinematography, painting or sculpture, word with music, word with image, photography, and so forth. As a poet I am focused on maximizing the expression in as few words as possible and in the melody of the language itself. But I have also discovered that combining my poems with a certain image can give me amazing new possibilities. That image I found in the work of Gabriele Viertel. Due to her kind of photography, I am able to re-expose a relatively unknown side of my work so far - sexuality and eroticism.

And in a way that in the present time, where we  almost daily are confronted with rape, sex mutilation and violence against women, is expelled to the background, namely provided with beauty, tenderness, love and with an antidote very meaningful and pleasant glamor.

On the other hand, my poems also throw a new and surprising light on her images. '

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       -  Elly de Waard

Hunting edition print

numbered and signed

size 32.5 x 23 cm,

printed on 305 grs Hahnemühle

Photo Rag Ultra Smooth Paper





Amsterdam 2018
99Uitgevers , booth  73 
4-8 april 2018



Als Parelmoer  

exhibition + book presentation

Interaction foto | poetry 

Kunstcentrum Haarlem, Netherland

January 13 - February 3, 2018    



Vision De Corps   Duo exhibition

Musee D'Orleans

Le Centre Charles Péguy, Orléans France                

July 12, 2017 - Sept. 9  




Galerie Kruisweg68

Haarlem, Netherlands

July 14, 2017 - August 26


Paris Hilton Orly, France

July 25, 2017 - August 31




Amsterdam, 99publishers

May 31, 2017 - June 5            



Berlin Foto Biennale

4th edition of the International Biennal of  Doc. 

and Fine Art Photography

Palazzo Italia, Berlin, Germany  

October 4 - 29, 2016  



Moscow International Photography Awards 

Na Kashirke Gallery, Moscow, Russia

July 20 - August 7




NordArt Carlshütte, Schleswig Holstein, GER        

International annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art

June 4 - Oct. 9, 2016                                                        



The Nation: Best of Contemporary Photography

Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Fort Wayne, Indiana USA



Square Foot Art Basel                                       

Projects Gallery, Wynwood Arts District of Miami, USA



Aqua Art  Miami

Projects Gallery, Miami, USA



Red Alert

PH 21 Gallery Budapest, Hungary      




Szkéné Theatre Budapest, Hungary  



The Road to Elysium

Heist Gallery  London, Great Britain                      



Photographic Art at it's Best

Subject Matter London, Great Britain



Scope Art Fair  Miami Beach 

SeeMe Gallery New York, USA



Foederer Talent 

Foederer Talent Award / Holland Art Group

Schellens factory Eindhoven, Netherlands            



Artsquare  Amsterdam

Museumplein Amsterdam, Netherlands



3rd International  Biennial of Documentary and Fine Art Photography

Heritage Municipal Museum Malaga, Spain



Brabantse Kunstenaars         

Gallery H2, H2 / KUBRA Apeldoorn, Netherlands                 



Scope Art Fair Miami

Seeme Gallery New York, USA



Artwork Projection  Show 

Linc LIC Building New York , SeeMe Gallery, USA     



Creatives Rising

SeeMe Gallery New York 

organized by SeeMe Gallery and the

Angel Orensanz Foundation New York, USA



International Color Awards

4 x Honorable Mention Fine Art + Fashion

2 x Nominee Fine Art + Fashion


Graphis Inc. New York USA  

Platinum Award Fine Art


Moscow International Photography Award Russia

7 x Nominee Fine Art + Fashion

Fine Art Photography Awards, London UK

2 x Nominee in the Professional Fine Art Category


Best of Contemporary Photography USA

Juror Merit Award Fort Wayne Museum of Art 

Fort Wayne, Indiana USA

Master's Cup IPA  Beverly Hills USA

1st place / Gold Medal in the Professional Fashion Cat.

in addition :  7x Nominee category Professional Fine Art,

Abstract, Nude,Fashion

Prix De La Photografie Paris , France

2nd place / Silver Medal  in the Professional 

Fine Art Nude Category

in addition : 7x Honorable Mention

category Professional Fine Art

International Photography Awards Los Angeles, USA

10x Honorable Mentions in the

Professional Fine Art / Nude Category

Kontinent Awards  Izmir, Turkey

Honorable Mention  Fine Art Abstract Category

The Gala Award York, UK

Finalist in the Primary Colors Category


Fine Art Photography Awards London, UK

Honorable Mention in the Professional Fine Art Cat.

Honorable Mention in the Professional Fashion Cat. 

1 X Photo Awards Uppsala, Sweden

1st place in the Fine Art Nude Cat. Public Choice


Prix De La Photographie Paris,France

Honorable Mention in the Professional Fine Art Cat.    

The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards  -

Pollux Award  United Kingdom

2 x Finalist in the Professional Fine Art Category     


The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards -

Julia M. Cameron Award UK

Finalist in the Professional Fine Art Cayegory


Dive Photo Award  2014  New York

Second Place Underwater Photography


Grand Prix De Découverte Paris, France 

Short listed in Fine Art Portrait Category            


Musee D'Orleans Catalogue 2017

Berlin Foto Biennale Catalogue 2016

NordArt Catalogue 2016

Graphis Book 2016

Annual PX3 Book 2015

Contemplation Exhibition catalogue PH21, vol 43, page 31, 2015

Gerrits, Pascal, Tranquil Visions, PHOTO DIGITAAL MAGAZINE Issue 52, vol 114, page 18 - 21, 2015

Bailey, Genea, Gabriele Viertel, HASHTAG MAGAZINE Issue 12, vol 114, page 96 - 99, 2015

Van der Graaf, Anouk, Interview FOTOGRAFIE MAGAZIN Issue 2, vol 115, page 64 - 73, 2015

Haupt, Chuck, Interview RAGAZINE MAGAZINE Issue 2, vol 11, 2015

Arizpe, Miriam, Gabriele Viertel, LYSMALER MAGAZINE Issue 3, vol 146, page 16 - 21, 2015

SAM SLOVAK ART MAGAZINE Issue 13, vol 218, page 188 - 196, 2014

Van Noy, Erica, Viertel's Reality, EN VIE MAGAZINE Asia Issue12/2014, vol 98, page 60 - 65, 2014

Viola, Vito, Gabriele Viertel,CAMERARAW.IT  BOOK FOR SINGLE AUTHOR, vol 16, 2014

Adam, Topher, Beneath the Tide, DARK BEAUTY MAGAZINE Issue 39/1, vol 291, page 134 - 141, 2014

Pagonis, Gerasimos, Follow me to the depths, SHOOT ME MAGAZINE Issue 21, vol 250, page 126 - 157, 2014

G A B R I E L E  V I E R T E L

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